Recode’s Mark Joseph Stern has written a piece about the lack of innovation in the mobile software space and the lack thereof in the desktop world.

The article highlights the iOS and Windows Phone platforms’ shortcomings in this space, but it also notes the Mac’s continued relevance in the enterprise.

The story in its entirety is worth reading in its whole:iOS and Android app developers have been slow to embrace the mobile app ecosystem, which is a big reason why Apple’s iPad was able to outpace Apple’s Mac in 2016.

That said, it’s clear that iOS and Google’s Android platforms have grown in the past year, and Apple has been able to push its iOS and Mac apps to new audiences thanks to its new and popular apps.

Apple’s desktop Mac OS X and iOS app stores have both grown in size over the past few years, with the iOS App Store having grown from just over 2 million apps in 2016 to nearly 10 million in 2017.

Apple has also been making big moves in the cloud, pushing its iCloud cloud to over 50 million users.

As for Windows, Microsoft has also expanded the Windows Store to support apps in several major markets.

Microsoft recently released its Surface and Xbox app stores, with more markets than ever before expected to see app availability for the Xbox One and Surface devices.

Microsoft also announced a new Windows 10 app store for developers to target its existing Windows 10 PC and mobile customers.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 apps are free for developers.

Microsoft has also added apps to its Surface Pro and Surface Book desktop computers.

Android apps are also starting to take hold on Android devices.

The Google Play store has been updated to include more than 1 million new Android apps, while the Windows 10 App Store has seen over 20 million apps added in 2017 alone.

Microsoft is also making moves in its Windows Phone ecosystem, with Microsoft making some notable additions to its apps for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.

Microsoft added support for Android 4.4 KitKat and 5.0 Lollipop, and also added Cortana, the voice assistant in Windows 10, to its developer dashboard.

Microsoft also introduced new apps for the Windows Phone Store, with many of its existing apps including Office for the Surface, and a number of new Microsoft apps.

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