ROSE, Calif.

— Hyland Software Inc. (HYL) announced today that it is announcing the launch of a new video-recording software product in collaboration with the Rose Studio Center, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those with physical disabilities learn to use their devices.

The software, named Rose, will enable people with disabilities to create and share their own high-definition video recordings, and will work with Rose Studio to provide a variety of options for users to create, share, and manage their videos.

The Rose Studio has developed an in-house video editing software suite for people with visual impairments and visual impairing conditions to make and share high-quality video recordings.

This software suite will be available for download as an in app purchase at the end of the year and will be a free app for Apple iOS devices and Android devices, as well as Windows Phone devices, and can be downloaded free from the developer’s website.

Users with disabilities can now begin working on creating high-res, high quality, high definition video recordings of their own, or use the software to create the first high-resolution video recordings from their personal devices.

Rose Studio will continue to be available in the app store.

In addition to its ability to create high-fidelity video recordings in a variety, the software will allow users to add custom metadata to their video to provide greater control over the quality of their recorded footage.

Users will be able to create multiple video segments, edit one segment, and export it as a single video.

Rose Studio will be accessible through the Apple and Android App Store, and through the RoseStudio app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The RoseStudio software suite can be accessed through a web browser.

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