Free software developer Konstantinos Farsalinos is celebrating the release of Project Viewers 4, an open-source version of Microsoft’s popular Project Viewing application, with the release today of an unofficial, unofficial version of Project Xpress 4.1, a new free version of the popular open-Source desktop operating system.

The official Xpress is now the only version available for download, and Farsals has been working to make the new Xpress version available to as many users as possible, including free users who have installed the unofficial version.

Farsalis said in a statement that the new version of Xpress, which is available as a download from Microsoft’s website, includes a number of improvements over the older Xpress 1.0 release, including the ability to automatically update its configuration to the latest version of Windows 10, a fix for a problem that could cause a crash on some devices when running the new Windows 10 preview, and a few other bug fixes. 

Farsalas team is currently working on a new version, which he said should be released as soon as the next month, and the team is also working on making a new release of the unofficial Xpress source code available on GitHub.

Fysalas said that Project ViewERS 4 is the most recent release of Microsoft Office software and that it is intended for the “beginner” user who doesn’t want to spend much time configuring their computer.

Fyssalas noted that this is the first time that Microsoft has released an official software release for a software product that is intended to be used by people who are not experts. 

The release comes a day after Microsoft announced that it would stop distributing Office 365, its popular cloud-based business suite, on December 31.

Microsoft has also been facing criticism for using a third-party version of Office, which was created in partnership with Adobe and Adobe Systems. 

Microsoft has also made the decision to stop selling Office for free on the company’s website.

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