Microsoft is launching an innovative software suite that developers will use to develop and deliver software in a cloud-based environment.

In an effort to improve productivity and efficiency, the Redmond, Wash.-based company will launch the suite with an ambitious goal to produce “a robust, powerful and agile agile software environment” by the end of the decade.

The goal is to make agile software more effective and more efficient, and provide developers with tools that can help them improve the quality of their applications and services.

To help developers achieve that goal, Microsoft will launch a suite of “innovators,” or tools that will be developed by the company’s core developers and will be built to work on any version of Microsoft Windows 10.

These tools will be designed for the specific needs of developers and enterprise software developers, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday.

While Microsoft will continue to develop tools for the enterprise, the core developers will continue using the tools they developed for the consumer market.

The company will also make available tools to enable developers to work with a variety of third-party tools and frameworks.

Microsoft will provide a free version of the suite to enterprise software developer organizations.

Developers will be able to download a free edition that will help them develop apps on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and above.

The company will provide another free edition for developers to use on Windows Server 2016 and above, but the free edition will be limited to Windows Server Core i7 and higher.

The Microsoft agile software suite will be available for download to developers through the Microsoft Developer Center and in the Microsoft Marketplace.

Microsoft is planning to roll out the suite in phases, with a major release in 2020.

Microsoft’s goal is not just to help developers, but to help them to become more productive and efficient.

This new software suite, the team said, will be a great addition to the Microsoft ecosystem.

“Microsoft’s software engineering team is excited to partner with developers to build a suite that will support the next wave of development with the agile tools we have available today,” said Chris Roesch, senior vice president for software engineering at Microsoft.

Microsoft is one of a number of companies that have recently released tools aimed at developers.

Amazon has announced a suite called DevOps, which helps developers to deploy and maintain their software to more agile and responsive platforms, and Google announced a software suite called Agile for Engineers.

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