logitech and other video and audio equipment makers are accused of facilitating the illegal distribution of software, video and other products on their websites.

Key points:It’s claimed logitech is facilitating the sale of software that allows computers to connect to the internet without the need for an internet connectionThe software is often used by criminals to monitor and spy on customersThe Australian Federal Police (AFP) are also investigating the issue and are looking into whether logitech has knowingly facilitated piracyThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is also investigating whether logicys products are in breach of consumer laws.

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF), which is a registered charity, has called on the industry to stop making software for people to use online without the needs for an Internet connection.

“Logitech’s software is so easily available that it allows for easy access to logitech’s devices and it is not surprising that criminals would be able to access this software without having to go through the usual channels of obtaining a valid licence,” APF CEO Richard White said.

“There are a variety of ways people can obtain and use software from Logitech without needing to go to the trouble of obtaining an internet-connected device.”

This is why we urge the industry and logitech to stop facilitating the piracy of software.”APF is also calling for the industry’s licence to logicies products to be revoked and for the company to be fined $1 million.

In a statement, logitech said: “Logitech is committed to providing our customers with the best in hardware, software and services.”

The APF said that despite a lack of evidence, it was “deeply concerned” by the accusations and urged the industry “to do more to help clamp down on the use of the software”.”

It’s clear that there is a widespread, organised criminal group that exploits the lack of a valid IP address for remote control over computers,” it said.AAPF has been investigating the issues for two years and said it is investigating the matter.”

The allegations that logitech products enable the illegal sale of pirated software are extremely serious,” Mr White said in the statement.”

It is particularly concerning that we know of no evidence that the company has actually actually engaged in any of this illegal activity.

“However, it is a fact that we have found that logicics products, including its products for desktop, tablet and smartphone, allow access to the logitech network without the requirement for a licence.”

The Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (ACERT) said that although it was investigating the allegations, the company had not yet received any evidence to support its claims.”ACERT has received no evidence of a company doing anything wrong,” ACERT general manager Andrew Scott said in a statement.

He said the organisation was “currently working with logitech on a detailed investigation into the issue”.APF’s Mr White called on companies like Logitech to do more than simply deny that their products allow users to access the internet remotely.

“Companies that facilitate and encourage the sale and distribution of pirating software should be held accountable for any potential violations of Australian consumer law,” he said.

The AFP said it was also investigating a number of other aspects of the matter including whether companies are providing products to criminals.

“We are also actively investigating whether any other companies are offering the same software without licence, whether these products can be accessed remotely, and whether the law is being broken in Australia by providing these products to customers,” AFP Assistant Commissioner Tim Lister said in an emailed statement.APF said it also wanted companies to do their bit to prevent the sale, distribution and misuse of software products.”APF recommends that companies that sell software products, either online or through retail outlets, ensure that any software they sell is properly licensed to be used for legitimate purposes and that any unauthorized use of these products is reported to the relevant authorities,” Mr Lister wrote.

“As an example, it has previously advised companies that have sold software that allow their customers to log on to the network to check the license status of their products and to report any suspicious or suspicious behaviour to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.”

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