HP software that scans for infections is becoming increasingly popular as companies grapple with the threat of malware.

In January, Microsoft unveiled its Flowchart suite of tools, which allows users to see a scan report as it happens and then apply a pre-made treatment to prevent the infection from happening again.

But the tool is not without its problems.

Users report that Flowchart will show them a virus scan that is not what they expected, or even worse, will be an incorrect scan report.

HP has since fixed some of the bugs that could make a scan more likely to be wrong, but there is no easy way to check whether the scan was incorrect or correct.

“I was really surprised by the amount of work required to manually review each scan report, and the lack of visibility into what exactly is going on,” said Adam Mabry, senior security engineer at HP.HP’s software was initially designed to help organizations deal with ransomware, which encrypts files before encrypting the user’s files.

But it also helps protect against malware infections, which have become increasingly common.

The problem is that the flowchart tool can’t show the infection on the screen in full, and it shows no warning about when the scan is going to happen.

The software also cannot show the infections that are still active and how many days have passed.

This is problematic for users, as there are several ways to track the number of infections in a row.HP said it will soon add a tool that shows the number in a single tick, allowing users to track what the virus is doing in real time.

In a blog post on Tuesday, HP said it had made some changes to its FlowChart software, adding a way for users to update the tool and reporting errors in the software.HP will soon also update its Flowcharts to better show infections on a single screen and to allow users to change the number they see on the right-hand side of the screen, according to the blog post.HP also added a tool for Microsoft FlowCharts, a free, open-source software tool that allows companies to see how many infections are taking place in a particular section.

“The ability to visualize the number at the top of the flow chart helps customers and organizations better understand the extent of infections and prevent them,” HP said in a statement.

“Microsoft FlowChars has been used in a number of healthcare organizations to quickly assess the state of the infection and prevent further infections.”HP has a new flowchart app that makes it easy for users and IT departments to monitor a scan.

HP also announced a new tool called Flowchart Pro Tools that will allow users and departments to make custom scans and report errors.

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