Google News has been publishing a lot of news and reviews on its mobile app for a while now.

The latest, from a developer called ‘Devastator’, is an ambitious attempt to build a smartphone application that can be used to develop web-based apps.

Devastator says that it has built an app called ‘Pizza’ that allows users to search for Pizza, then get the best pizza available in a given area.

Pizza has been downloaded over a million times and it’s an exciting start for the Android app developer.

Google says that its app can be integrated into apps that run on Android devices, such as Google Wallet, or even for developers who want to make their apps accessible to more people.

‘Pizzas are available in the Google Play Store, and we’ll be providing updates as soon as they are available,’ a Google spokesperson told The Register.

‘We’ve been working with developers to ensure that Pizza is as easy to use as possible.

‘For more information about our Pizza efforts, visit the developer’s site and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.’

Devastators website lists the development of the app on the Google App Engine platform as a ‘feature’.

Google also announced that Devastated was a Google Partner.

The company’s first Android app was released in 2012, and it was developed by a group of developers working on a project called ‘Sonic’ on the Android platform.

Sonic was created by former Google employee and former Motorola executive Eric Dumas.

In the past, the Sonic team has worked on apps for Samsung Galaxy devices, the iPad, Apple iPad, Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia devices.

Devasts Pizza app, Google’s first app for Android, is available for free on the Play Store.

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