This article has been updated to reflect that it was originally published on February 9, 2018.

The original article has also been updated.

A software engineer has found a way to turn his resume into a job advertisement.

The technology manager from Melbourne, Victoria, says that his computer software resume became a job advert.

“I just thought it was interesting,” he says.

“So I searched for a job with a software engineer that I really liked.

I found this website and I just went straight to the contact page.”

The software engineer was looking for a software engineering position in Melbourne and Mr Dang said he felt that the recruiter was looking at the wrong person.

“She said, ‘We’re looking for someone who can work on a project that’s really big and really interesting.’

So I thought, I wonder how big that project is, so I just asked her if it’s something that I could work on,” he said.

The recruiter gave him a list of people she knew in the software industry and he applied.

The software manager says he’s been working for the company for three years.

“That’s how long it took for them to find me,” he adds.

“It was a good job, they were happy with me and I liked it.

I’ve had some other good offers, but nothing like this.”

Mr Dangs software engineering experience includes working for a variety of software platforms.

He’s worked with the likes of Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office and Apple.

“You can see how much the software engineer is a specialist in their fields,” he added.

“There’s not really many opportunities in the field for software engineers.”

Mr Dharmapala says that he’s used to the stress of being a software specialist and says he didn’t expect to have a problem getting a job.

“When I started out I didn’t realise how stressful it was.

It’s not just about me.

It affects everyone around me,” Mr Dhapala said.

“If it’s a good match for the job I’ll do, I’ll be there.

If it’s not, I won’t.”

Mr Daan says he was looking forward to getting his first job out of university and says that the software engineering was a nice way to get out of the comfort zone.

“At first I was just looking for work, but I’m happy with my experience now.

I feel like I’ve done a good career.”

You can see more jobs in the Melbourne software engineering area by searching for “software engineer”.

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