The NFL has released a set of guidelines to help you get started designing your next desktop computer.

The guidelines are designed to help designers get ready to build a desktop for their teams, but they’re also meant to help make the process easier.

The new guidelines are part of the NFL’s “Make Your Desktop a Desktop” initiative.

They are designed for the first time to help the NFL staffs the development of its next generation of desktop PCs, which will be able run games on the network and be able connect to the Internet as well as work remotely.

“The goal of this initiative is to provide a unified experience for teams to create a seamless gaming experience and to help them deliver on their promise to create an all-in-one computing platform that supports multiple types of applications,” the NFL said in a statement.

“By leveraging these guidelines, teams can get ready for the next generation by creating a fully-functional desktop.”

The guidelines also provide a set number of steps for creating the right desktop computer for the NFL.

The NFL said that there are a few steps to follow for building a computer that will be ready for use in 2020:First, get the best components from an OEM.

That means an Intel processor, an AMD processor, a graphics card, and a RAM disk.

Second, check out the specs on the motherboard you’re buying.

Third, choose a case.

If you’re using an external drive, you need to make sure it fits inside the case, as it’s designed to be easy to remove and replace.

Fourth, choose the right color.

It’s not necessarily the same color that your team will be using.

Fifth, choose an optical drive.

The next step is to find a good deal.

If the price is right, you’ll want to buy it, because if you don’t, you can get your computer repaired.

“When a team wants to purchase a desktop, they need to understand that the prices for desktop PCs vary from team to team,” the league said.

“They need to know what the current prices are in terms of components and that the desktop will be compatible with their organization’s requirements.”

The NFL is trying to help teams get a deal on the right computer by asking teams to share their specifications and to provide any updates that they may have that might be useful.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the league’s guidelines, you’re welcome to check out a couple of them below.

For more on how the NFL works, check this out.

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