Google’s video capture software has been used to capture your favorite movies and TV shows from a mobile device, and now the company is expanding its functionality with a new software update.

In the software update, Google is making it easier to upload video clips to the company’s YouTube channel.

This is a big deal because, as we’ve seen with YouTube and other platforms like Facebook, YouTube is an important part of a user’s social media identity and that makes the software and software updates especially important.

We’ve seen Google add more functionality to YouTube in recent years, like a video player for Android phones, but this is the first time it’s allowed users to upload clips directly to YouTube.

The feature was originally added in the fourth quarter of this year, but has been rolled out incrementally since then.

When it first arrived, uploading video clips from your phone to YouTube was a complicated process that required you to set up your own channels, log into your Google account, and then upload your video clips directly into YouTube.

The process took an average of 30 minutes.

Since the release of the third-generation YouTube hardware, there have been more features added to YouTube, including new video tools, improved photo editing tools, and even a new video sharing tool.

But this latest update seems to be making YouTube much easier to use.

Google’s video-sharing features are currently in beta, but the company said it is rolling them out in a major way over the next few weeks. 

The new video-uploading feature is available to all users, so anyone who has a Google account can upload their own videos, just as long as they are compatible with the company.

Users can upload videos to YouTube from their Google account and then share them with other people who also have a Google profile.

They can also upload videos from any device, including Android devices. 

For example, a YouTube video can be uploaded to an Android phone and uploaded to YouTube on an iPhone, for example.

Google has been working on video-share features for several years, and we’ve covered the progress of those features over the years.

In May 2018, Google added a new feature called “live streaming,” allowing users to record and watch videos in real-time from a smartphone or tablet as they stream from the web.

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