corsairs keyboard software is the best on the planet, according to its founder and chief executive officer.

Logitech has sold over 1 million keyboards and mouse controllers in the past three years, making it the world’s biggest brand and the company that makes the keyboard and mouse the key to the success of most computers.

But in an interview with MTV News, CEO Michael Dell said his company is seeing an uptick in its sales, which he attributed to its focus on keyboard design and the software it offers.

Corsair is known for offering a wide range of keyboards and mice, including the X1 Pro, a $3,000 gaming mouse.

The company also makes gaming headsets and gaming mice for PC gamers.

But Dell says its new keyboard software has gotten more attention because it lets users customize their mouse.

Cortana and Microsoft are among the companies that have been working with Logitech to develop software that could be integrated into a computer, said Dell, who will leave his role as chief executive at the end of the month.

The company’s latest software release is called Logitech Logitech Mouse and features Logitech’s proprietary mouse controller technology, which Dell says allows users to “switch between the mouse and keyboard independently” and to move their fingers as they move.

Dell said it is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, but doesn’t have an Android version.

The software will be free for everyone on the company website.

The software is designed for gamers, Dell said, and he said he thinks it will appeal to people who are gaming on Windows 10.

The Logitech software comes with a “mixed bag of features,” he said, including a new “Game” mode that allows users “to customize how you play games and where you will be located on the map.”

The new game mode is designed to provide “an even playing field,” Dell said.

It allows users the ability to switch between two maps simultaneously and to switch game modes.

Users can also customize their Logitech mice, and Dell said Logitech included a feature called “keyboard-mouse sharing,” which lets users “share their own keyboard and a mouse with someone else.”

That means when two people use Logitech keyboards and use different mice, the keyboard with the mouse on their desktop will be shared with the other person.

“We don’t sell keyboards or mice to everybody,” Dell told MTV News.

“But we do sell some of the best ones on the Internet.”

Dell said he was “proud to have built a company and helped bring it to this point.”

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