Posted July 08, 2020 05:23:25 China is mulling legalising the legalisation of same-year marriage for same-gender couples, with some of its officials saying they would consider making it mandatory in the future.

Key points:Chinese authorities are exploring the possibility of allowing same-day weddings, a move that would allow same- sex couples to marry more easilyChinese state media report that some members of the ruling Communist Party are also considering changing the country’s laws to allow same sex marriage.

“If there is an increase in same- gender marriages, it is definitely a good development,” a senior official from the National People’s Congress, the Communist Party’s ruling body, told the state-run Global Times newspaper.

“The party is also ready to work with the private sector to develop a social consensus on same-gendered marriages,” he added.

However, it was unclear whether any such plans had been discussed in the party’s top leadership.

In the run-up to the 2020 Beijing Olympics, President Xi Jinping announced in September that the country would change the countrys laws on same sex marriages to allow for same sex couples’ marriages to take place more easily.

The announcement came amid a push to change Chinese society on gender issues, including the legalising of same sex relationships.

Mr Xi said at the time that China had already done away with “troubling and harmful ideas”.

However, the government has not followed through with the changes and has instead introduced measures aimed at “making it easier to change the law”, such as the new law allowing same sex partners to marry in the country.

The National website currently lists only seven cities where same-date marriages are allowed.

“There are currently about 50 municipalities where it is legal to be a same-sexual couple,” said one official in Beijing, adding that he did not know whether same- and opposite-sex couples would be allowed to marry within the next two years.

“Some cities have already been planning to allow gay and lesbian couples to register for marriages, while others are in the process of setting up registration offices for same and opposite sex marriages.”

China has a history of promoting the rights of gay and transgender people, but many Chinese believe that they face discrimination in the workplace, housing, education and other areas.

In October, a Beijing court ruled that same- sexual couples were allowed to use the female restroom, even though it had been the law for a long time.

Gay rights groups have also expressed concern about the number of people in China who have been married by same- or opposite- sex partners.ABC/wiresTopics:gay-relations,people,catholic,religion-and-beliefs,china,southeast-asiaFirst posted July 09, 2020 03:52:25

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