BMW says it will sell the new X3, its first mass-market SUV, in China for $5 in an effort to bring more U.S. cars to China.

The $5K option is a small price to pay for the most affordable mass-production SUV in the industry.

“In 2017, we will launch a new model for China,” BMW said in a statement on Wednesday.

“It will be called the BMW X. Its purpose is to give more choice to Chinese consumers.

We expect this model to bring even more BMW to China and further strengthen the global brand with more options in the future.”

The BMW X is the company’s first mass market SUV, and its first in China.

It is the first BMW SUV to be offered in China, the only one to do so.

It will hit Chinese markets starting in 2018.

China is a key market for BMW, which makes a wide range of luxury vehicles, including the X3.

In December, BMW announced it would build a new X5 SUV, called the X5, in Beijing.

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