All Aggretsuko characters and the animals they symbolize

You may be conversant in the Japanese animation sequence Aggretsuko if you’re an animation fan. The sequence makes use of wild animal characters as its solid, making for a visually interesting and entertaining idea. However in case you’ve watched the present, you may marvel which animals the assorted Aggretsuko characters are.

Aggretsuko characters Haida, Retsuko and Fenneko. Photograph: @Pokelai on X (Twitter) (modified by writer)

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Aggretsuko is an animation sequence created by Yeti for Saniro, a Japanese leisure firm. Saniro designs, licenses, and produces merchandise, like Howdy Kitty, specializing in the kawaii or cute phase of Japanese standard tradition. Aggretsuko aired as a sequence of animated shorts on Japan’s TBS Tv in 2016. Netflix launched an anime sequence adaptation worldwide in 2018.

Aggretsuko characters

When you’ve got been privileged to observe Aggretsuko, you may need seen the assorted animal characters that make the solid. The present relies on modern-day Japanese tradition and options animal characters from totally different areas of the world.

So, which animals do the characters symbolize? Based on the Animal Character Database, listed below are all Aggretsuko characters and the animals they symbolize.

1. Retsuko – Crimson panda

Retsuko from Aggretsuko with a cellphone in her palms. Photograph: @Trijosh1 on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Retsuko, the present’s primary character, is a crimson panda. She is among the many high feminine characters in Aggretsuko and has black eyes and orange fur. Retsuko is a 25-year-old annoyed by the path her life and profession is heading.

She takes her frustration out at a karaoke bar, singing loss of life steel each day. The opposite crimson panda characters embody Retsuko’s boyfriend in season 1, Resasuko, and her mom.

Based on WWF, the crimson panda is a small mammal, extra vital than a cat, native to the jap Himalayas and southwest China.

2. Director Ton – Duroc pig

Haida (L) and Director Ton (R) in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @DailyHaida on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Director Ton is likely one of the villains in Aggretsuko. He’s a detestable, misogynistic, patronising and crude boss who would not admire something his subordinates do. Ton is a Duroc pig, an older breed of home pig, resulting from his distinctive brown-reddish hair.

3. Fenneko – Fennec fox

Fenneko in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @fennekodaily on X(Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Fenneko is Retsuko’s co-worker and closest buddy within the workplace. She is a fennec fox, a small crepuscular fox native to the deserts of North Africa, with distinctive big ears. Fenneko is very perceptive and insightful and may deduce folks’s psychological states by way of scrutinising their social media.

4. Haida – Noticed hyena

Haida (L) and Retsuko (R) in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @Lilothestitch16 on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Haida is among the many high male Aggretsuko characters showing in all seasons. Haida is a 27-year-old mild-mannered noticed hyena, one in all Retsuko’s co-workers. He’s an avid punk rock fan and performs bass guitar.

Within the early seasons of Aggretsuko, Haida has a crush on Restuko and tries vainly to win her coronary heart. He ultimately wins it, turning into Retsuko’s boyfriend later within the sequence.

Based on Nat Geo Youngsters, the noticed hyena, also called the laughing hyena, is a species native to sub-Saharan Africa.

5. Director Gori – Gorrilla

Director Gori seems to be jovial in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @dasfletcher on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Gori is a western lowland gorilla working because the advertising and marketing director at Retsuko’s firm. She is very excitable and takes nice curiosity in Retsuko bonding along with her after doing yoga and, ultimately, karaoke along with her.

Based on the Nationwide Zoo, the western lowland gorilla is native to central Africa’s forest and lowland swampland.

6. Ms. Washimi – Secretary hen

Ms. Washimi is in a black and white secretary outfit. Photograph: @brdoftheday on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Ms. Washimi is a 40-year-old secretary hen working because the secretary to the corporate’s CEO. She is smart and strong-willed and helps Retsuko with recommendation on her life. The secretary hen is a big, principally terrestrial hen of prey endemic to Africa’s open grasslands and savanna of the sub-Saharan area.

7. Tsunoda – Thomson’s gazelle

Tsunoda, the trendy Thomson’s gazelle in a scene. Photograph: @MalteserRefs on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Tsunoda is a Thomson’s gazelle who steadily butters as much as director Ton and her superiors to stay beneficial and lighten her workload. Her shameless angle earns her the ire of her co-workers. However regardless of her persona, she is self-aware and extra real than folks understand her.

Per the African Wildlife Basis, the Thomson’s gazelle is an animal native to the savannas of East Africa, notably the Serengeti in Kenya and Tanzania.

8. Komiya – Meerkat

A live-action determine of Komiya, the meerkat from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @EnderAnubis on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Komiya is Director Ton’s right-hand subordinate, and like Tsunoda, he butters as much as his superior not for self-gratification however admiration for his supervisor, Ton. Komiya is a meerkat, a small mongoose from southern Africa with a broad head, massive eyes, a pointed snout, and lengthy legs. The animal additionally has a skinny tapering tail and a brindled coat sample.

9. Tsubone – Komodo dragon

Tsubone is a Komodo dragon, also called the Komodo monitor, a member of the monitor lizard household Varanidae. Tsubone is senior to Retsuko within the accounting division and steadily makes use of her seniority to push further work to Retsuko.

10. Kabae – Hippopotamus

A scene from Aggretsuko with Kabae (L) and Retsuko (R). Photograph: @LNguyen2205 on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Kabae is one in all Retsuko’s co-workers. She is a middle-aged hippopotamus famend for spreading gossip within the workplace. Kabae is happy by workplace buzz however claims she by no means spreads something malicious.

11. Anai – Japanese badger

Anai, the Japanese badger, in a scene. Photograph: @SlugLawd on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Anai is a Japanese badger and a brand new rent within the buying and selling agency’s accounting division, contemporary from faculty (season 2). Although blissful and keen to hitch the buying and selling agency, he would not take criticism frivolously. The Japanese badger is a species of the household Mustelidae, the weasels and their kin and is endemic to Japan.

12. Tadano – Donkey

Tadano, the donkey fan artwork. Photograph: @June_buns on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Tadano is a personality from Aggretsuko season 2. He’s a donkey initially proven as a lazy and jobless bum. Nonetheless, Tadano is extremely rich and clever and based an AI firm rapidly rising in worth.

13. Hyodo – Leopard

Hyodo, the Leopard in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @vigilaunte on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Hyodo is a leopard that works as a window washer on the buying and selling agency’s constructing. He works as a window washer each day and a supervisor for the idol group OTM Women at evening. Hyodo meets Retsuko after she by accident crashes into his van. Retsuko takes up a second job to repay the debt.

14. Manaka – Chinchillas

Manaka, the lead singer of the lady group OTM Women, poses with a nail bat. Photograph: @KyraKupetsky on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Manaka is the lead singer of the lady group OTM Women. She is a chinchilla, a crepuscular rodent species extra big and sturdy than floor squirrels. Chinchillas are native to the Andes mountains in South America. Manaka is assured and daring, typically behaves like a diva, and has an aggressive persona.

15. Inui – Borzoi canine

Inui, a Borzoi canine in a scene from Aggretsuko. Photograph: @daily_furry on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Inui is a personality launched in season three. She is a Borzoi canine, or Russian Searching Sighthound is a Russian breed of searching canine of sighthound kind. Inui works within the Basic Affairs division on the buying and selling agency and is an avid punk rock fan.

16. Himuro – Saluki canine

Himuro, the Saluki canine (L), with Ms. Washimi (R), the Secretary hen. Photograph: @vewolfxe on X (Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Himuro joins the present in season 4 because the Exterior Director of the buying and selling agency. He will get promoted to CEO after the hospitalisation of the unique CEO. Himuro is a Saluki canine, a standardised breed developed from sighthounds as soon as utilized by nomadic tribes to run down recreation animals.

17. Shikabane – Skunk

Shikabane, the purple skunk, in a scene. Photograph: @lisareimold on X(Twitter)

Supply: UGC

Shikabane is a 21-year-old purple skunk from Aggretsuko season 5. She lives in an web cafe, working freelance jobs to maintain herself.

Ultimate phrase

Aggretsuko characters comprise many creatures from the Japanese animated comedy TV sequence. The present is obtainable on Netflix and has a comic book e book adaptation of the identical title by Daniel Barnes and DJ Kirkland. The characters from the animation present are intensive and embody a variety of creatures from the animal kingdom.

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