This article first appeared on The Verge UK.

The app, developed by the UK-based company Softonic, lets you voice command the Siri system with your voice and can take over tasks like reading news headlines, dictating appointments and more.

It can even do things like help you buy a beer or take your dog for a walk, which will get a little more personal to you.

This app also has a very useful Siri assistant that will help you manage your finances, like adjusting your credit cards and even making grocery shopping easier.

The company says it will continue to add more Siri assistant features to the app.

Softonic co-founder James Hughes said he has been working on Siri for more than two years, and said he was “devastated” to see it now being replaced by Google Assistant, which the company says is not ready to be used in the UK.

“I am so sad to see Siri go.

I was very impressed by the idea, but it was just not ready yet.

It is not as good as Google, or as good at managing things,” Hughes told the BBC.

The service is now available to anyone in the US, but Hughes said Softonic would look to make its service available to more countries in the future.

“There is an incredible amount of demand, especially in the States,” he said.

“In fact, there are more people using Google Assistant in the U.S. than there are using Siri.”

Hughes said Softonics is planning to roll out the service to more markets over the next few months.

It also plans to add support for third-party apps, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon’s own Echo.

“We’re in discussions with some big brands to add their support to the platform.

But I’m not going to give you the exact numbers,” he added.

Softonics also recently rolled out its own digital assistant, which Hughes said is “so much more useful than the current one”.

“I love my Google Assistant but I am absolutely delighted with the new Siri,” he explained.

Softonic has said it is aiming to make Siri a top 10 Google search result within a few months of launching the service.

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